Tavernier Chocolates

Tavernier Chocolates uses local ingredients from southern Vermont farmers and foragers to create rustic, elegant chocolates. Tavernier explores earthy, often savory flavor combinations that are unique to the locale, paired with the finest, ethically-sourced, single origin South American chocolate.

Project Goals

Tavernier Chocolates wanted to redesign their ecommerce store and integrate it into their main website. We worked with them to define a structure and layout for the store that would reflect their products accurately and would make the purchasing process seamless for their customers.

Since completing their website design, 10F Design has continued to work closely with Tavernier Chocolates to improve their website’s features and functionality.

Project Features

  • Clean, modern design that uses photography to showcase products
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Custom WooCommerce features including shipping notices
  • Backend reports powered by custom SQL queries
  • Hosted, updated, and maintained through our managed Wordpress hosting